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Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
district alleges that another former student was sexually abused by teacher dan whiters and that the district could have prevented it. whiters was a joaquin moraga teacher that was investigated for sex abuse when he committed suicide. this after the district came to an agreement with two other students. >>> a third man claim that is he had sex with the former puppeteer for elmo. he met clash when he was 16 years old. the latest suit acknowledges clash and the teen kept in touch and even continued their relationship once the man turned 18. clash resigned from sesame workshop last week. a spokeswoman believes this lawsuit has no merit. >>> there's word that a manager has been fired because of the new maps app. apple's ceo was even forced to issue a rare apology for the problem. now sources tell bloomburg that the man in charge of the software long time apple employee richard williamson was ousted. >>> cyber monday may have gone better than expected for online retailers several reports say that online shopper was up more than 30% chaired to last year. data provide say that yesterday was
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
suprvisor harvey milk were gunned down at city hall by former supervisor dan white. >>> it was 34 years ago today when george moscone and harvey milk were gunned down at city hall by dan white. this year's event will have two parts. there was a ceremony on the steps of city hall about a half hour ago. and then there will be a candlelight march to milk's former camera store in the castro district. the annual commemoration began with the spontaneous candlelight march and vigil. >>> consumer confidence is growing reaching its highest point in 4.5 years. that could translate into a busier holiday shopping season. and stronger economic growth. new numbers out today show the consumer confidence index rose to nearly 74 points up from 73 in october. the steady increase from the all-time low of 25 in february back in 2009. but that didn't offset worries about the "fiscal cliff." little progress being made on capitol hill and the dow reacted down 89. nasdaq down 9. s&p down 7. >>> thieves know you have already started your holiday shopping. now all they have to do is wait for your packages to be
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2